Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Jan 26, 2010 I think teachers could use tokbox in their classrooms to make some fun activities; students could read or do activities while being recorded and then they could watch themselves on tokbox and see how they did. I think if the student has computer access at home, then sometimes an tokbox message could be sent to their parents so the student can show them what they did that day, perhaps this will work best with reading.
So since we talked about tokbox today, I learned that it is free and that families spread apart in different states or countries could use tokbox to communicate and it could be really fun. (As long as you are willing to be seen as you talk.) Isn't technology amazing?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

learning technology

I made a blog and have even been able to find it several times and I made a web cam message, and I want to try that again today. . .I have been thinking that it will be fun to teach my daughter a few things about technology when she gets home from her mission in Russia--a switch because usually she need to teach me. 19 Jan 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My experience with technology

I am very limited in my technology exposure. I feel 'illiterate' about all this technology you have discussed today and I am very slow--I can understand quickly but getting my fingers to work or do the right thing seems foreign. I need help, and I am sorry in advance, for my weakness in this area. I did take Powerpoint and Spreadsheets last winter semester, but have not been using them because I have not had 'need' or time. I am a single mom, work part time and school full time. Wish me luck.